Training and Qualifications

2001 Workshop, Essentials of Bariatric Surgery, ASBS Hands-On Training, Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery, SBS, LSU, New Orleans, USA
2002 Bariatric Surgery Preceptorship, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, USA Bariatric Surgery Observation, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, USA
2003 Preceptorship, Sauvergarde Clinic, Lyon, France with Dr. Vincent Frering on Midband
2003 Preceptorship, Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity, Los Angeles, USA with Dr. M.A.L. Fobi, Gastric Bypass
2003 Preceptorship, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA with Dr. Douglas Hess, Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch
2004 Mini-Fellowship, LBS Specialists, LA USA with Dr. Shyam Dahiya, Lap Gastric Bypass
2004 Workshop-Course, Reoperative Bariatric Surgery, Endo Surg Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA
2004 Obesity Treatment Course, Harvard Medical School
2005 Unified Approach to BS, ASBS, Las Vegas
2005 Workshop-Course, Reoperative BS, SF, CA, USA
2005 Workshop on Swedish Band, Taiwan
2005 Comprehensive Treatment of Obesity, Harvard MS
2005 LapBand Comprehensive Training, Belgium
2006 ReCell Certification, Perth Australia
2006 Certification, Surgical Endoscopy Workshop, Australia
2007 1st International Summit on Sleeve Gastrectomy, New York, USA
2008 1st International Congress on Diabetes Surgery, New York, USA