"A woman's body is without a doubt a work of art but without confidence in one’s design, the beautiful colors hidden deep within cannot shine through."

B.E.S.T. or "Breast Enhancement Scar-less Technology" is an innovative breast enhancement procedure that gives optimal and satisfying results minus the risk of post surgical scars. Traditional breast enhancement techniques involve dissecting around the breast tissue which damages the superficial aspect of the breast due to the presence of evidential surgical scars. With B.E.S.T our clients won’t have to worry about evidential scars which gives them an increased level of confidence and security that there is no superficial damage done to their breasts which is a sensitive and symbolic part of the feminine physique.

Dr. Dineros is the creator, developer and the only surgeon in Asia offering a scar-less alternative to breast enhancement surgery. He developed the procedure to take breast enhancement to a whole new level by integrating laparoscopy, plastic surgery and advanced wound care management to yield improved recovery and aesthetically incomparable results for his clients.